The Gallery That Could Break Google – Top Google Searches of 2013

by Karl Utermohlen | December 17, 2013 1:12 pm

This year was marked by memes, technological advances and controversial deaths that brought laughter, knowledge and tears to all us Internet users.

Google Search[1]And the top Google (GOOG[2]) searches of 2013 reflect just that.

Popular and trending Google searches from 2013 include iPhones, flashy cars and a very grumpy cat. But that’s just the beginning.

Keep reading for the full list of top Google searches of 2013. A few of them may surprise you — and a few are disappointingly predictable (I’m looking at you, Miley Cyrus).

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Top Google Searches of 2013: Famous Internet Animals

top google searches of 2013[4]Most-searched Famous Internet Animal: Grumpy Cat

The year’s most-searched internet animal was the Grumpy Cat. This meme features a female cat called Tardar Sauce that has a permanent grumpy look due to feline dwarfism. Nevertheless, many used Tardar Sauce’s condition as a source of humor for thousands of memes with hilarious messages including “I love math … it makes people cry,” “Of all the 9 lives I’ve lived … this is the worst,” and simply “No.”

The top 5 Internet Animals in 2013 list also includes Lil Bub, Tuna the Dog, Colonel Meow and Princess Monster Truck.

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Top Google Searches of 2013: New Cars

top google searches of 2013[5]
Source: Flickr[6]

Most-searched Car: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (GM[7])

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a well-crafted vehicle with a carbon fiber hood, a removable roof panel, and rear tail lights that use indirect LED technology. The Stingray has won multiple awards including Automobile Magazine’s ‘Automobile of the Year 2014,’Road and Track’s ‘Performance Car of the Year 2013’ and now most-searched car in Google for 2013.

The Chevrolet Camaro, Honda Civic (HMC[8]), Honda Accord and Jeep Wrangler round up the top Google searches of 2013 in the New Cars category.

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Top Google Searches of 2013: Tech Gadgets

top google searches of 2013[9]
Source: Flickr[10]

Most-searched Gadget: PlayStation 4 (SNE[11])

The highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 beat out the Xbox One as the most popular video-game console of the year and it is also the most-searched tech gadget of the year. The Sony product eclipsed the 2-million sales mark after only 16 days of release.

The top google searches of 2013 in the tech gadgets category also includes the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SSNLF[12]), iPhone 5s (AAPL[13]), iPhone 5c and iPad Air.

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Top Google Searches of 2013: Phones

Most-searched Phone: iPhone 5s (AAPL[13])

The iPhone 5s beat out every smartphone to become the most-searched phone in 2013. This result further confirms Apple’s dominance in the mobile phone market thanks to the company’s reputation and continued innovation.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (SSNLF[12]) was the second most-searched phone in 2013 with the iPhone 5c, HTC One (HTCKF[14]), and Nexus 5 (GOOG[2]) rounding up the top 5.

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Top Google Searches of 2013: Stocks

top google searches of 2013[15]Most-searched Stock: Facebook (FB[16])

FB received a lot of action thanks to the social network’s immense popularity and the stock’s rise over the last 5 months. As Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues to grow, so does FB which is up 1.43% Tuesday afternoon.

Other stocks that made it to the top Google Searches of 2013 list include Tesla (TSLA[17]), Twitter (TWTR[18]), Google (GOOG[2]) and Blackberry (BBRY[19]).

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Top Google Searches of 2013: Apps

Top Google Searches of 2013[20]
Source: Flickr[21]

Most-searched App: Bitstrips

The popular web and mobile application Bitstrips that lets users create original cartoons of themselves was searched more than any other app in 2013. Despite only having 10 employees, the app continues to be massive with 11 million people downloading Bitstrips.

Vine, Candy Crush, MeetMe and Snapchat were also incredibly popular in 2013.

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Top Google Searches of 2013: People

Top Google Searches of 2013[22]
Source: Twitter

Most-searched Person: Miley Cyrus

Surprise, surprise — Miley Cyrus was the most-searched person in 2013. With her provocative outfits and twerking antics, the rebellious 21-year-old made the tabloids on a daily basis thanks to her ever-changing image. Miley Cyrus is also immensely popular on Twitter (TWTR[18]) where she has over 16 million followers.

The most-searched people list in 2013 includes Miley, Drake, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Beyonce. You can check out more popular Google trends in 2013 here[23].

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