DDD: Nail Down a Profit and Wait for a Better Price

by Sam Collins | December 12, 2013 1:50 am

3D Systems (DDD[1]) — This stock has been on the Trade of the Day buy list[2] since I first recommended it on Aug. 12[3] under $47.50. I remained bullish on the stock with recommendations on Aug. 27[4] and Oct. 10[5].

On Nov. 8[6], I noted that Brean Capital analyst Ananda Baruah reiterated a “buy” rating on DDD and raised the price target to $77 from $70. But on Nov. 19[7], when Bank of America (BAC[8]) raised its target from $69 to $90, I balked, saying, “Despite analysts’ optimism, DDD is now trading at over 80 times this year’s consensus earnings estimate and over 63 times 2014 estimates. And the stock is now more than 70% above its 200-day moving average and 35% above its 50-day moving average. 

“It appears to this technician that it is time to wait for DDD to fall into a buying zone rather than continue to chase this stock higher. Buy under $70 with a trading target of $80-plus.”

Wednesday’s price action was negative, as my proprietary indicator, the Collins-Bollinger Reversal (CBR), flashed a strong short-term sell signal. Those who still hold DDD as a trade should nail down a profit.

The $70 buy under is still in effect. This volatile performer has the potential to return double digits, but buying at the right price takes patience.

DDD Chart
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Chart Key[9]

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– Sam Collins, InvestorPlace Chief Technical Analyst

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