UPS Driver Leaves Tablet in Trash Bin, You Know the Rest …

by Karl Utermohlen | December 17, 2013 1:49 pm

Tracey Sole was supposed to be getting an Android tablet delivered to her doorstep but the UPS (UPS[1]) driver hid it in a place where most of us don’t look.

When Sole got home, she realized that the UPS worker left her a note saying ‘In Black Trash Can.” That’s right — the driver left her daughter’s Christmas present inside a trash can[2] presumably so no one would steal it. However, the driver did this on trash day and the garbage truck got to Sole’s trash can before she did.

“UPS has apologized to me,” Sole said. “The package was placed in the trash can. The trash can was empty when the package was put in there, because I could not get my trash up my driveway on the ice. I guess he thought the empty trash can meant that they had already picked up. UPS is going to be getting a new tablet for my daughter…before Christmas!”

Sole added that she does not want the driver to get fired for the mistake. UPS has promised to give her a new tablet and they have launched an investigation to figure what exactly happened.

UPS stock has fluctuated over the last month with shares up 1.17% over that span.

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