5 Things You Didn’t Know About Last Night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

by Alyssa Oursler | December 11, 2013 10:48 am

Last night, the much-anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013[1] finally aired on television. And as expected, Victoria’s Secret models like Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo captured everyone’s attention, as did musical guests Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy.

victoria's-secret-fashion-show-2013-royal-fantasy-bra-candice-swanepoelBut there’s far more to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show than just beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels, sizzling Victoria’s Secret lingerie and pop music.

Don’t worry, though — Stylight did the research[2] needed to bring you a list of things most viewers didn’t know about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. Take a look at a few of them:

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 – Shocking Stats

  1. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 was the result of nine months of planning.
  2. There were 40 Victoria’s Secret models in the show — the most in the history of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Those Victoria’s Secret Angels sported a total of 30 pairs of wings, 70 different looks and relied on 26 make-up artists.
  3. When was the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Over a decade ago. The New York City Plaza was the venue for the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in February of 1995, and only industry experts were invited. The budget for the first display of Victoria’s Secret models and lingerie was also just $120,000 — 1% of the $12 million budget of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013.
  4. Of course, that makes this less stat a little less surprising. To get seats at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013, you have to pay at least $14,000.
  5. One shining star of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013? The Royal Fantasy Bra, as worn by the luckiest of all Victoria’s Secret models: Candice Swanepoel. According to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 website[3], this year’s Royal Fantasy Bra has “4,200 rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and diamonds handset in 18-karat gold.” What you may not know, though, is that the Royal Fantasy Bra has been a staple of the show since 1996, with Claudia Schiffer sporting the first million dollar bra.

Stylight[4] has all the details on the Royal Fantasy Bra, too. As the website explains on its page about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013:

 “This piece of lingerie is the most anticipated piece and the talking point of each show, as its brilliant gemstones wow millions of viewers all over the world … It’s getting more extravagant every year, as the jewelers create pieces from our wildest dreams.”

For more on the centerpiece of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, get the full history of the Royal Fantasy Bra in the Stylight[4] slideshow below.

[5]Slideshow by STYLIGHT.co.uk[6]

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