Walmart Bans Man for Life for Ad Matching

by Karl Utermohlen | December 10, 2013 12:11 pm

A disabled former professional wrestler was banned for life from Walmart (WMT[1]) for ad matching, one of the retailer’s proudest traditions.

Ad Matching[2]
Source: Flickr[3]

Joe Cantrell made a hobby out of browsing local stores and going to Walmart[4] to get the cheapest prices for its products through ad matching, according to WXYZ. However, last week, Cantrell took a trip to Walmart’s San Tan Valley, Ariz., location, where an employee stopped him and told him he wasn’t allowed to ad match. Cantrell got upset and complained to management. Upon his return trip four days later, he was placed in handcuffs by local law enforcement.

“When I left, he turned around and called the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and said he felt intimidated and threatened,” Cantrell told WXYZ. “I was upset, but never once did I say anything to the gentleman.”

The former wrestler says he was “handcuffed, humiliated and embarrassed in front of everybody at Walmart,” but the deputies quickly released him.

The customer was released by the cops, who realized Cantrell was not a threat. Nevertheless, he says he’s facing charges of threatening, intimidation and disorderly conduct.

On top of all that, he will no longer be able to pursue his hobby — Cantrell has been slapped with a lifetime ban from Walmart.

The ban is baffling when you consider what the retailer says about ad matching[5] on its official website: “We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.”

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