As Walmart iPhone 5 Price Wows, Check Out These 3 Gadget Price Drops

by Burke Speaker | December 13, 2013 9:37 am

To capture holiday shoppers always looking for the best deal, Walmart (WMT[1]) announced it will drop the Apple (AAPL[2]) iPhone 5C price to $27. The only catch: You must get a two-year contract from Verizon (VZ[3]) or AT&T (T[4]), and the sale is only available through Dec. 24.

walmart-iphone-5-price-5cOf course, while the new Walmart iPhone 5 price grabbed a lot of headlines, plenty of other gadgets have also had their prices sliced earlier in the year.

And not just Apple products, either.

Whether you have been eyeing Microsoft (MSFT[5]), Amazon (AMZN[6]) or Samsung (AAPL[2]), there’s been a sweet price drop you can take advantage of.

Check out the recent Microsoft Surface Pro price cut, Amazon Kindle Fire HD price drop and Samsung Galaxy S4 price drop that people seem to have forgotten in the wake of the Walmart iPhone 5 price.

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Drop

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Drop walmart price dropOriginal Microsoft Surface Pro Price: $799
Slashed Original Microsoft Surface Pro Price: $699
With its Surface Pro 2 available for sale, the Microsoft Surface Pro is discounted by $100. It’s more than the Walmart iPhone 5 price drop, though remember that the keyboard on these cost an extra $120.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price Drop

amazon kindle fire price drop walmart price drop AMZNOriginal Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price: $169
Slashed Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price: $139
While on Cyber Monday the price was $20 cheaper, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is still a deal. It’s no Walmart iPhone 5 price drop, but it’s $139 is a pretty good bet for such a great tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Drop

Galaxy S4 reviewOriginal Samsung Galaxy 4 Price: $119

Slashed Samsung Galaxy 4 Price: $89 to $99

In addition to the Walmart iPhone 5 price drop, Walmart has also cut the price for the Samsung Galaxy 4 to under $100 (some are selling $10 less online). The move should help (somewhat at least) Samsung push its posh phones on those looking to score iPhones.
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