Warning Xbox One Owners! This Prank Could Ruin Your Console

by William White | December 9, 2013 1:35 pm

A prank that started on the 4Chan website[1] claims to show users a way to make their Xbox One play Xbox 360 games.

xbox_one_prank[2]The message posted to 4Chan claims that Xbox One users can access the feature with a series of actions that turns the console into a tool for developers. The sequence was first discovered in December and shown in a YouTube video. However, without a proper ID the Xbox One will get stuck in an endless start-up loop that will render the console useless, reports BBC News.

The Xbox One, which is made by Microsoft (MSFT[3]) and was released in the U.S. on Nov. 22, is unable to play Xbox 360 games. A Xbox One user that follows these instructions may “brick” their console. Brick is a term that is used to describe a console that has been made useless as a result of someone trying to hack or make changes to the device.

The prank has extended beyond 4Chan[4] and an image containing the fake instructions –which can be seen in this article– is being passed around on social media websites.

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