Whoa! It Will Cost You $375 to Eat at the Times Square Applebee’s on New Year’s Eve

by Christopher Freeburn | December 31, 2013 11:02 am

New Year’s Eve revelers planning to ring in 2014 at an Applebee’s locations in Times Square can expect to dig deep into their wallets for the experience[1].

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Applebee’s has two restaurants in the area that New York City police lock down each New Year’s Eve as hundreds of thousands flood Times Square to watch the ball drop. Customers who want to share a buffet dinner, drinks, entertainment and a midnight champagne toast at the two Applebee’s locations will pay $375 for a dinner package, CNBC notes.

There are advantages to paying for the privilege of eating at one of the Times Square Applebee’s tonight. People with tickets to the restaurants won’t have to stand outside in the freezing cold, crammed together with thousands of strangers. In fact, an Applebee’s ticket will get you past the NYPD security cordons and into the restaurant by 8 p.m.

That’s a lot better than most Times Square visitors who will have already spent hours standing behind police lines by then.

While $375 isn’t a price people normally associate with a meal at Applebee’s, it’s small change compared to the VIP couple’s package — priced at $1,095 — being offered by the TGI Friday’s in Times Square.

Applebee’s is owned by DineEquity (DIN[4]). It operates about 2,000 restaurants worldwide.

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