Yahoo Mail Service Restored After Weeks of Issues

by Christopher Freeburn | December 12, 2013 11:26 am

Frustrated users of Yahoo’s (YHOO[1]) email service are finally getting relief[2].

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The company says that POP Mail access is now working again. Yahoo also indicated that it is attempting to get IMAP access running again for affected users, TechRadar notes.

Some Yahoo Mail say they have been unable to access their accounts for weeks. The outage prevented some users from sending or receiving email. Yahoo says that about 30% of emails sent to users during the disruption have reached their intended recipients.

In October, Yahoo refreshed its mail service interface, prompting complaints from long-time users. This year, the company purged millions of inactive email accounts[5] from its system.

Not surprisingly, Yahoo Mail users are not pleased — either with the outage of the time it has taken Yahoo to correct the problem. Social media platforms have resounded with complaints about the service issues.

Yahoo Mail is ranked third behind[6] Google’s (GOOG[7]) Gmail and Microsoft’s (MSFT[8]) Outlook email services in terms of its number of users.

Shares of Yahoo climbed almost 2% in Thursday morning trading.

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