2 Las Vegas Casinos to Accept Bitcoins as Payment for Food, Room and Drink

by Christopher Freeburn | January 22, 2014 2:21 pm

It seems that digital currency bitcoin is getting a little respect in Las Vegas[1].

Source: Flickr[3]

Two hotels in the famed gambling metropolis say they will allow customers to pay for meals, rooms and knickknacks with bitcoins. While the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel will recognize bitcoins in their eateries, giftshops and at the front desk, they won’t allow gamblers to make wagers using bitcoins, CoinDesk notes.

The casinos, which share common ownership, will use BitPay, a payment processor specializing in bitcoins to process transactions. Payments with bitcoins will be made using tablets and smartphones.

Regulatory concerns will keep bitcoins from funding customer gambling, at least for now.

Bitcoin has begun to attract attention from mainstream retailers[4], including Overstock.com (OSTK[5]), which now accepts bitcoins as payment.

The value of bitcoins — which are traded via online exchanges — has swung wildly over the past year. After rising sharply in prior months, bitcoin values tumbled in December when Baidu (BIDU[6]), the leading search engine in China, forbade bitcoin payments on its music service[7].

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