3 Big Changes Coming to ‘American Idol’ Season 13

by William White | January 14, 2014 1:08 pm

Three big changes[1] are coming to the 13th season of Fox’s (FOXA[2]) American Idol.

American Idol’s 13th season will introduce new songs that the contestants can choose to sing. This change will allow contestants to choose songs that are more relevant to them, rather than the oldies that made up the majority of the list in previous seasons, reports the Associated Press.

Another change is that Randy Jackson, a former judge on the show, will host a workshop that will help contestants with their vocals and other such challenges, the Associated Press notes.

According to the Associated Press, the final change coming to the 13th season of America Idol is a “rush week” before the normal auditions.

Despite the changes, producers say that the show will still be the same American Idol.

“What we’ve done is make a lot of small changes,” Trish Kinane, American Idol’s executive producer, told The Los Angeles Times[3]. “We didn’t want to do anything radical.”

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