Atlanta Weather: Storm Shuts Down City, Strands Motorists and Students

by William White | January 29, 2014 11:08 am

Atlanta weather was so severe on Tuesday[1] that it forced much of the city to shutdown.

Source: Twitter[2]

The Atlanta weather included two to three inches of snow and it trapped many motorist and students. The weather may not seem like much to Northerners, but the conditions were enough to cause huge delays in the South. It also doesn’t help that the city isn’t prepared for such snow storms. Stores quickly ran out of snow shovels and the few salt trucks and snow plows that the city does have had issues getting out due to congested traffic, reports

One Atlanta commuter spent five hours in heavy traffic to complete what is normally a 45-minute trip. A baby girl was also born on the side of a highway when the traffic kept one couple from getting to a hospital. One Atlanta school managed to get the majority of its students home, but five were still left by 9:40 p.m. The Atlanta weather even convinced around 40 of the school’s staff to spend the night in the building, notes.

Some school buses ended up stranded on snow-covered roads due to the Atlanta weather. On Wednesday morning, the National Guard went out in Humvees to rescue stranded students and to bring them food and water. State Troopers and state transportation crews were also dispatched to help stranded motorist and students, reports Fox News[3].

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