H7N9: New Bird Flu Spreading Among People

by William White | January 8, 2014 10:49 am

A strain of bird flu, called H7N9, is spreading through people[1] in China.

Source: Flickr[2]

Chinese scientist have evidence that shows that the H7N9 bird flu can travel from person to person. The strain was first reported in March and by the end of May, 132 cases and 32 deaths were linked to bird flu. While scientist agree that the strain is able to travel from human to human, they also say that the bird flue doesn’t transfer easily, reports the Associated Press.

The H7N9 bird flu is dangerous due to its ability to go undetected in birds. It is also difficult to discover when a virus has passed from human to human, as there is no such test that can prove when this happens. One case of the H7N9 bird flu transferring between humans occurred between a father and daughter. This has led some to believe that genetics may play a factor in how easily the virus can spread, the Associated Press notes.

China has already been hit with its first death caused by the H7N9 bird flu. The victim of the virus was a patient in the southern province of Guangdong that passed away on Monday, reports The News International[3].

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