Electronic Arts Layoffs Hit Salt Lake Studio

by Karl Utermohlen | January 31, 2014 2:14 pm

Electronic Arts’ (EA[1]) Salt Lake studio is being forced to cut jobs in order to focus on developing mobile games.

Electronic Arts[2]The Electronic Arts layoffs have hit Utah as the company has to reduce staffing levels[3] in Salt Lake in order to focus on mobile game development. An EA spokesperson said that the company will look to rehire some of its Salt Lake staff members in other capacities, while others will leave the company for good.

The company announced a 12% revenue drop in previous-gen games in its third quarter. However, EA’s mobile business was up 26% year over year and 19% over the previous quarter. The company enjoyed 71 million game downloads from the App Store and Google Play in December, making EA the top mobile publisher in the world.

The video game-maker has had its Salt Lake studio since 1992 when it was known as Headgates Studios. EA stock is up 2.5% in early afternoon trading Friday.

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