Facebook Selfie Saves Battered Woman’s Life

by William White | January 3, 2014 12:03 pm

A Facebook (FB[1]) selfie helped save the life[2] of a woman who was beat by her husband.

facebook-selfieSusann Stacy was beat by her husband with a handgun and was seeking help when she posted a selfie of herself on Facebook. The picture of Stacy showed her with bruises and blood on her face and was posted with the caption “Help please anyone.” Stacy had no cellphone reception in her home and her husband had already ripped the land-line phone out, which only left the woman with Wi-Fi to seek help, reports The New York Daily News.

Stacy’s Facebook selfie worked and police arrived at her home. Stacy’s husband, Donnie Stacy, ran from the house, but was later picked up by police. The gun that was allegeldy used to beat Stacy was found laying outside near a tire swing, The New York Daily News notes.

Stacy’s husband is currently being held at the Leslie County Detention Center and is facing assault charges, reports Examiner.com[3].

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