Attention Hardcore Gamers! One of Rarest NES Games Ever Hits Ebay

by Karl Utermohlen | January 24, 2014 2:32 pm

Hardcore gamers are reaching for their wallet and bidding on an ultra-rare Nintendo (NES) game that popped up on eBay.

There are only 116 cartridges of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship[1] video game which is now being sold on eBay by user muresan. The starting price was set at $4999.99 but after 20 bids, the current highest bid is at a whopping $9,500 for the gray cartridge in ‘acceptable’ condition.

User muresan said that it’s “near impossible” to find this game anywhere. The eBay user is also selling Airball[2] and Xybots[3], two other very rare NES games for a minimum price of $999.99.

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