GameStop Receives New PlayStation 4 Supply

by William White | January 22, 2014 11:53 am

GameStop (GME[1]) has received a new supply[2] of Sony’s (SNE[3]) PlayStation 4.

gamestop-sony-ps4-playstation-4Due to high demand during the console’s release and the following holiday season, GameStop was running short on PS4s. Now the company has received additional shipments of the gaming console and is ready to sell them. Sony is working with GameStop to make sure it gets a steady supply of the PS4s. GameStop advises customers who want a PS4 to check in regularly at its physical locations and also to look on its website.

Want some cool accessories for your PS4? Follow the link[4] to see a gallery of cool PS4 accessories.

GME shares were up 1% as of noon Wednesday.

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