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PHOTO: The ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Cast: Bob Denver, Dawn Wells & More

What did the cast of 'Gilligan's Island' do after the show?


What exactly did the Gilligan’s Island cast do after the show ended?

Here are a few things that Gilligan’s Island cast members did after the show finished, as listed by USA Today. The cast members are listed below as they appear in the above photo from left to right.

  • Jim Backus — Backus played the role of Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island. He provided the voice for Mr. Magoo before joining the Gilligan cast and passed away in 1989 at the age of 76.
  • Russell Johnson — Johnson played the role of Professor Roy Hinkley on Gilligan’s Island. Johnson went on to make TV appearances after leaving Gilligan’s Island and passed away on Thursday.
  • Natalie Schafer — Schafer played the role of Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell on Gilligan’s Island. Schafer continued to appear in TV shows and even made a guest appearance on The Brady Bunch. She passed away at the age of 90 in 1991.
  • Bob Denver — Denver played the role of Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island. Denver continued playing Gilligan in TV movies and the animated series  New Adventures of GilliganHe passed away in 2005 at the age of 70.
  • Tina Louise — Louise played the role of Ginger Grant on Gilligan’s Island. She continued her acting career after the show and is still active in the industry.
  • Alan Hale, Jr. — Hale played the role of The Skipper on Gilligan’s Island. After leaving Gilligan’s Island, Hale opened a restaurant in Hollywood called “Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel.” He passed away in 1990 at the age of 68.
  • Dawn Wells — Wells played the role of Mary Ann Summers in Gilligan’s Island. Wells went on to teach acting, appear in theater and creating a clothing line after her time on Gilligan’s Island. She currently lives in Driggs, Idaho.

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