3 International Stocks Poised to Soar in 2014

by Louis Navellier | January 9, 2014 11:47 am

As I mentioned earlier this week, many analysts and observers think that international stocks will outperform U.S. stocks this year after the domestic market’s impressive move last year. Many other regions of the world such as Europe and Asia are thought to be a year or two behind us in the economic recovery plans and are still ramping up stimulus and monetary policies to accelerate growth.

international-stocks[1]Easing measures have worked very well to get US stock prices moving, and analysts expect to see the same result in international stocks. I have no clue which market will be the best, but I do think we are seeing a strengthening global recovery that should be good for both domestic and international stocks this year.

The trick to profiting in international markets is the same as it is here at home: Use Portfolio Grader[2] to focus on the international stocks with the very best fundamentals that are attracting buying pressure from institutions.

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Great International Stocks: Nordion (NDZ)

international-stocks-NDZ[4]Nordion (NDZ[5]) is a Canadian health sciences company whose products are used to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases around the world. The company’s primary products are isotopes used in nuclear medicine such as Molybdenum-99, which decays into Technetium-99, utilized in nuclear medical procedures.

NDZ also processes and sells other reactor isotopes, including Xe-133 used in lung scans and I-125 used to treat prostate cancer, as well as I-131 used to treat hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

NDZ returned to profit this year, and huge earnings increases are expected next year. The rapid improvement in fundamentals was noticed by Portfolio Grader back in September and the stock was upgraded to an “A.” NDZ stock is a “strong buy”[6] at the current price.

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Great International Stocks: China Distance Education (DL)

international-stocks-DL[7]China Distance Education (DL[8]) provides education services in the China. Its online courses are designed to help professionals and other course participants to obtain and maintain the skills, licenses, and certifications necessary to pursue careers in fields like accounting, law and engineering.

DL also offers online test preparation courses to students pursuing higher education diplomas or degrees, and to secondary school and college students preparing for various academic and entrance exams.

DL has seen solid sales and profit growth and was upgraded to an “A” by Portfolio Grader back in April of last year. DL stock remains a “strong buy”[9] today.

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Great International Stocks: Elbit Systems (ESLT)

international-stocks-ESLT[10]Elbit Systems (ESLT[11]) is an Israeli company that sells its products and services to the defense and aerospace industries.

ESLT operates across a wide swath of the defense industry, including areas like command and control communications systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems as well as unmanned aircraft systems. ESLT products are used in military aircraft and helicopter systems, helmet-mounted systems as well commercial aviation systems and aero structures.

ESLT has posted three consecutive earnings surprises and analysts have been raising their estimates for 2014 during the last two months. Portfolio Grader upgraded ESLT stock to an “A” in December, and the stock is a “strong buy”[12] at the current price.

Louis Navellier is the editor of Blue Chip Growth[13].

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