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Airline Pilots and the 10 Most Stressful Jobs for 2014

People who already suffer from stress should avoid these jobs


The most stressful jobs have unpredictable conditions and high-stakes situations such as airline pilots.

most stressful jobs
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CareerCast took a look at the most stressful jobs for 2014 and the list was topped by enlisted military personnel. “”If your life is already filled with stress, you might want to consider a profession that offers job security, a good hiring outlook and salary but few physical demands, deadlines and danger,” says CareerCast publisher Tony Lee.

Here are the 10 most stressful jobs for 2014 with their average salary and hiring outlook (if available). This data is based on wages and growth projection from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel: $28,840. Outlook: N/A
  2. Military General: $196,300. Outlook: N/A
  3. Firefighter: $45,250. Outlook: 9%
  4. Airline Pilot: $114,200. Outlook: 11%
  5. Event Coordinator: $45,810. Outlook: 44%
  6. Public Relations Executive: $54,170. Outlook: 21%
  7. Corporate Exec (Senior): $168,140. Outlook: 5%
  8. Newspaper Reporter: $35,870. Outlook: -6%
  9. Police Officer: $55,270. Outlook: 7%
  10. Taxi Driver: $22,820. Outlook: 20%

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