New York Times Reveals Website Redesign

by Christopher Freeburn | January 8, 2014 12:05 pm

Readers of the online edition of The New York Times will see a different look to the iconic newspaper’s website[1] on Wednesday.

the new york times building 630[2]
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The changes to the New York Times’ website formatting and layout represent the first significant update to the online edition’s look since 2006. An executive at the New York Times Company (NYT[4]) told Fast Company that the newspaper wanted to improve the experience of its paying customers when reading the New York Times online.

Clutter has been reduced on New York Times article pages, giving them a streamlined design. Articles are no longer broken into multiple pages. The new design is also meant to make trading the New York Times easier on mobile devices.

Less clutter also gives the paper more opportunities to highlight ads that appear in the New York Times digital edition.

The New York Times has seen subscribers for its digital edition grow since it imposed a paywall around its content.

NYT stock fell more than 2% in Wednesday morning trading. NYT stock has gained about 60% since May.

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