Attention NES Collectors! Rare Nintendo Cartridge Hits Ebay

by William White | January 24, 2014 1:42 pm

Looking to expand your collection of classic Nintendo (NTDOY[1]) games? Then one eBay (EBAY[2]) auction may interest you[3].

A rare Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game is currently up for auction on eBay. The game is a Nintendo World Championship cartridge from the early 90’s. Unfortunately for collectors, the label on the cartridge is ripped and has had “Mario” written over it, which lessens the value. The cartridge is also the grey version, which is worth less than gold versions. However, the cartridge has still reached over $7,000 as of Friday afternoon.

Only 116 of these Nintendo cartridges were made. They were given out as prizes to winners of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship, Engadget[4] notes.

The most expensive game ever sold is also an NES game. That game is Stadium Events[5]. Bandai only made around 200 copies of this game. A sealed copy of Stadium Events sold for record $41,300 at auction.


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