PHOTO: Twitter Titters Over Sochi Olympics Twin Toilets Fail

Privacy is apparently not a concern in Russian bathrooms

When a BBC correspondent in Sochi, Russia, tweeted a photo showing men’s toilets at the Biathlon Centre, he probably didn’t realize he’d cause a political discussion.

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TWTR: Twitter Wants a Piece of Payments
TWTR: Twitter Wants a Piece of Payments

The photo shows twin toilets without any partition between them. The correspondent posted the image on Twitter (TWTR) with the caption: “Seeing double in the Gentlemen’s Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre. The photo on Twitter quickly caught the attention of Russian politicians and people upset with Russia’s recent anti-gay legislation, the BBC notes.

Alexie Navalny, a leader in the opposition to Vladimir Putin’s government, retweeted the image, questioning how much money had been spent on the restroom. The Biathlon Centre was hailed as “one of the biggest and most comfortable structures of its kind in the world,” when construction was finished two years ago. The building was built in anticipation of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Twitter quickly resonated with commenters mocking the image. Other social media outlets followed Twitter, remarking on the odd restroom arrangement. One blogger noted the cost of the building and the toilets, calling it a “global embarrassment.” Others connected the privacy-free toilets with Russia’s crackdown on gay rights.

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