Pizza Hut to Test Pizza by the Slice

by William White | January 14, 2014 1:30 pm

Pizza Hut, which is owned by Yum Brands (YUM[1]), is testing pizza by the slice[2].

pizza-hut-by-the-slicePizza Hut will test a pizza-by-the-slice business model at two locations that opened today. The two test locations are located in York, Neb., and Pawtucket, R.I. The individual slices will be made on a thinner crust and will cost anywhere from $2 to $3. Customers will only have to wait around three to four minutes after their order to get their slices of pizza, reports the Associated Press.

“We’re seeing the trends for quick and ready products,” Carrie Walsh, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, told the Associated Press.

YUM shares were up slightly as of Tuesday afternoon.

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