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Freak Team Photo Accident Ends Basketball Star’s High School Career

Senior Lindsey Peterson sustained injuries that will put her out for her final season


An Iowa high school senior suffered a freak team photo accident that sent her to the hospital to get 100 stitches.

team photo accidentWest Fork high school basketball player Lindsey Peterson was taking pictures with her teammates in the locker room before taking a career-ending tumble. Peterson slipped while they were taking pictures and hit her face on the corner of a bench. Coach Rodney Huber said it was the worst thing he’s ever seen as the bench went straight through the senior’s gum and created a big gash on the right side of her face.

She was sent to a hospital in Osage and then Mayo where she had a CAT scan. Peterson needed 100 stitches and three plates on her face and she might need plastic surgery to repair nerve damage. Huber said that the team photo accident will keep her off the court for at least six weeks which means that she is done playing basketball in high school.

Peterson’s teammates played a great game following the team photo accident which they won 55-18 at Riceville.

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