London Toy Fair Favorites: 5 Top Toys for 2014

by Karl Utermohlen | January 22, 2014 3:32 pm

The London Toy Fair’s top toys included classics like LEGOs and cool, new tablets designed for babies.

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Last week marked the Toy Fair’s sixth year and many exciting new toys were launched in 2014. With the technology industry making strides every day, toymakers continue to find new ways to entertain kids.

Check out our 5 top toys for 2014.

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WowWee MiP Robot

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WowWee’s MiP is a self-balancing robot and one of the top toys for 2014.

This robot has dual wheels that ensure balance which you can control with an iOS or Android smartphone. Using Gesturesense technology, the MiP responds to your hand or any other motions in order to help you in any way it can. On top of all this, this robot has an incredible personality suitable for any kid.

You can pre-order your MiP here[6].

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Brought to you by Flair, the Cupets are one of the year’s top toys because of their unique personalities.

Each set of Cupets has 12 cube-shaped animals that come to life with a smartphone app. You need to feed them and keep them in good health if you want them to survive but the reward is worth the work. You can have fun with these interactive creatures through games and other fun activities.

Buy your set here[9].

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My Friend Cayla

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Source: Mirror[11]

Vivid Toy Group created the world’s first app-powered doll.

The doll is one of the year’s top toys despite being a bit pricy but she can do some incredible things. Powered by a smartphone or tablet app, My Friend Cayla can link back to the internet and answer any question you might have. She offers more than just information with a bright personality that will please any kid.

My Friend Cayla has not been released yet.

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Scalextric Race Control System

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Source: Pocket-lint[5]

The Scalextric Race Control System is one of the coolest toys for 2014.

This slot car system can be accessed and controlled using a smartphone via Bluetooth. The app lets you set up races using drivers’ names, choosing the race type, choosing the number of laps and much more. Additionally, you can log your racing success using social media.

Read more about this incredible toy here[13].

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LEGO Ultra Agents

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LEGOs are timeless classics that every kid must experience at some point in their lives.

The LEGO Ultra Agents is the company’s latest offering which has a ‘secret-service’ theme to it that kids of any age will love. The new set has a truck that doubles up as an HQ with other vehicles inside and many other cool parts. Additionally, the Ultra Agents set comes with an app that gives you missions in order to make the LEGO experience more interactive.

The LEGO Ultra Agents set is not out yet.

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