TSLA Stock – 3D Printing Offers Fix for Tesla Model S Cup Holders

by Karl Utermohlen | January 13, 2014 11:09 am

Tesla (TSLA[1]) has turned to 3D printing to add more cup holders to its Model S sedan after receiving numerous complaints.

3d printing[2]The electric carmaker is looking to appease Model S customers looking for more cup holders by literally printing them out[3]. Using 3D printing technology, Tesla will soon release a 3D-printed cup holder for the Model S that sits between the center console and the touch screen. However, the Model S won’t have cup holders in the backseats.

3D printing technology is a genius way of solving this problem but it will not come for free. Tesla customers looking for the 3D-printed cup holder will have to shell out $500 for the MakerBot printer designed by Stratasys (SSYS[4]) which can print it in a variety of colors.

TSLA stock is down 1.5% in early trading Monday.

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