VRNG Stock – Vringo Shares Skyrocket on Google Court Decision

by Karl Utermohlen | January 22, 2014 1:09 pm

The court in charge of Vringo’s (VRNG[1]) patent suit against Google (GOOG[2]) has ruled in favor of the software development company.

vrng[3]VRNG stock is up over 20% Wednesday following the U.S. District Court in Eastern Virginia’s ruling[4] regarding Google’s AdWords. The court issued a Memorandum Opinion and Order related to its subsidiary I/P Engine’s patent litigation against Google.

The court said that Google’s AdWords has a design[5] that’s “nothing more than a colorable variation of the system adjudged to infringe.” Additionally, I/P Engine “is entitled to ongoing royalties as long as Defendants continue to use the modified system.”

The royalty rate will be determined after a settlement conference scheduled Wednesday.

VRNG stock is up 22% in early trading Wednesday. Meanwhile, GOOG stock posted meager losses.

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