ZOOM Stock – Zoom Shares, Well, Zoom on Tinho Merger News

by William White | January 16, 2014 11:48 am

Zoom Technologies (ZOOM[1]), which deals in electronic communications, saw its stock soar on news that the company plans to merge[2] with Tinho Union Holding Group.

zoom-technologies-stockZoom entered into a letter of intent with Tinho on Monday. The company is planning to acquire all of Tinho’s renaming shares with 9.4 million of its own stock at a value of $8.6505 a share.

The deal will give Tinho 75% ownership interest in the company. The shares promised to Tinho will be given to the company after it has achieved certain requirements in the letter of interest.

Tinho is a company that offers travel services in China. Its services include flights, hotel, car rental and vacation packages.

Zoom stock was up 24% as of Thursday morning.

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