Adidas T-Shirts Pulled in Brazil for Being Too Sexual

by Christopher Freeburn | February 27, 2014 10:57 am

An uproar over sexually suggestive messages on t-shirts from World Cup sponsor Adidas (ADDDF[1]) has prompted the athletic apparel company to withdraw the Adidas t-shirts from the market[2].

adidas brazil t-shirts[3]
Source: Twitter[4]

The Adidas t-shirts, one of which featured the image of a bikini-clad woman along with the caption “Lookin’ to Score” above the word Brazil, caught the attention of Brazilian media. Brazilian government officials, including its tourism board, quickly denounced the adidas t-shirts. The Brazilian government has been attempting to squelch “sexual tourism” to the developing nation which plays host to the World Cup this year, the Associated Press notes.

The Adidas t-shirts were only for sale only in the U.S., the company noted in a statement. However, Adidas said it was withdrawing the Adidas t-shirts from its online store in deference to the opinions of its partners and customers.

Soccer is a major sport throughout Latin America and Adidas hopes to profit from its sponsorship of the World Cup[5], which is expected draw large numbers of fans to Brazil.

World Cup games will be held in Brazil between Jun. 12 and Jul. 13.

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