Best Places to Retire in the Western United States

by Burke Speaker | February 7, 2014 9:54 am

For those who can’t handle the fast pace of the East Coast and think the South is too, well, Southern, we’ve got a list of the best places to retire in the western United States.

While there are a great many locales that would be great for retirees, these cities and towns represent a variety of what the US west has to offer.

Check out these great places:

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No. 5 Best Places to Retire in the Western United States: Portland, Oregon

Retirees looking for a big city life with a little city feel need look no further than Portland. The city gives its retirees access to arts, entertainment, fine dining, nearby wineries, golf, and countless outdoor activities. Its farmers’ markets are some of the nation’s best, and its bike paths the envy of many major cities. Add to that many great hospitals and a laid-back atmosphere to enjoy.

And when the rainy season comes, most retirees don’t mind just curling up with a good book or movie, and soaking in the day.

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No. 4 Best Places to Retire in the Western United States: Taos, New Mexico

While Albuquerque has gotten on many site’s Best Places to Live lists, the city is well known for its arid weather and high crime. Instead, consider the tucked-away Taos, a sort of sister city to Santa Fe that offers arts, culture, entertainment, and peace. Because housing prices have dipped, the costs are more reasonable. Plus the views are hard to beat.

If it’s mountains and solitude you seek, Taos is a best bet.

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No. 3 Best Places to Retire in the Western United States: Boulder, Colorado

Sure, the winters are colder, but not the East Coast or Midwest cold that you may be used to. This locale is a retirement spot for those who love the winters but hate the bitter cold.

This college town beckons with outdoor activities such as rafting, fishing, golfing, skiing and hiking — with a youthful energy that will keep you young at heart.

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No. 2 Best Places to Retire in the Western United States: Scottsdale, Arizona

Tucson too hot? Phoenix too congested? Escape to a location in Arizona that has what you’re looking for with Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix that offers great golf, world-class spas, fine dining, and a nearby drive to some of the most gorgeous landscape seen in the American west.

The greenbelt Indian Belt Wash connects five community parks to enjoy. And the warm dry air is great for those with  health issues such as arthritis, plus the weather stays solid all year long, with warm days and cool desert nights.

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No. 1 Best Places to Retire in the Western United States: San Diego, California

If you’re looking for a city that’s warm, inviting, a blend of liberal and conservative, with golf and shopping and delicious restaurants, then San Diego should top your list. Stroll the city’s downtown for shopping and entertainment. Hit up the beach for a picnic or a nice swim.

And the southern California city offers Sea World for when the grandkids visit.

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