Bulls Versus Bears: Is the Market About to Correct?

by Hilary Kramer | February 18, 2014 11:35 am

The market has certainly had a rough go of it lately, with the Dow dropping triple-digits four days in a row before bouncing back again.

With volatility heightened, the question becomes: are we on the verge of a big correction?

My feeling is no, at least not yet. While I do believe that we will see a 10%-20% correction down the road, I’m still mostly bullish right now. In that context, this 5% pullback we’re seeing right now is natural, especially since we haven’t seen an “official” 10% correction in two-in-a-half years.

At the moment, however, I still see positives in key areas. There’s still strength in financials, with a lot of opportunities in undervalued companies. Plus, technology and innovation are still going strong. Game changers are still game changers regardless of the market (which is why I love investing in them!).

Make sure to watch my latest video where I debate whether we’re in for a major correction and share two stocks I believe are good opportunities to make money in right now!

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