NFL News: Former Saints Star Darren Sharper Arrested on 8 Rape Charges

by William White | February 28, 2014 10:31 am

Darren Sharper, a former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints, was arrested on Thursday[1] for allegedly raping two women in New Orleans.

Darren Sharper turned himself in when a warrant for arrest was put out by New Orleans police. He now has eight rape charges against him and one charge of battery against a woman. A warrant for one of Sharper’s acquaintances, Eric Nunez, was also put out. If Sharper and Nunez are convicted of the rape charges, they could face life in prison, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The charges against Darren Sharper include meeting two women at a night club in Los Angeles and inviting them back to his hotel room. After returning to his room, Sharper allegedly drugged the two women and raped one of them. The allegations against Sharper claim that he used zolpidem, a prescription sleeping aid, to drug the women before the rape, The New York Daily News[2] notes.

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