DDD, VJET: 3D Printing Stocks Up on 3D Systems Results

by Karl Utermohlen | February 28, 2014 2:32 pm

3D printing stocks performed well Friday morning thanks to 3D Systems’ (DDD[1]) fourth-quarter results.

3D Printing Stocks[2]DDD stock is up about 2.2%[3] as the company posted results which were in line with guidance provided by the company on February 5. 3D Systems’ fourth-quarter margin was 51.7% flat year-to-year but down 90 bps quarter-to-quarter.

Product revenue is up 76% year-to-year and print materials growth rose to +39% from 30% with services growth falling from 38% to 33%.

Overall, the stock is down about 18% YTD despite its impressive fourth-quarter results.

Voxeljet (VJET[4]) also benefited from the news as VJET stock is up about 3.5% Friday.

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