Man Fired for Using Forklift to Free Vending Machine Twix Bar

by William White | February 21, 2014 1:48 pm

A man was fried from his job[1] at Polaris (PII[2]) after he allegedly used a forklift to free a Twix bar from a vending machine.

Robert McKevitt, 27, was fired as a forklift operator after a supervisor at Polaris claimed they saw him lift up a vending machine and drop it several times to free a stuck Twix bar. A report of the incident also claims that when McKevitt was approached by the supervisor he had three Twix bars from the machine. When approached, McKevitt told the supervisor that he was only trying to get the bar that he had paid for, reports CNN.

However, there are two sides to every story. According to McKevitt, he was driving the forklift and getting ready to head for the bathroom when he saw the vending machine. McKevitt claims that he wanted to grab a Twix bar and be on his way, but it got stuck. He says he shook the machine and put another dollar in to get the candy bar out. After this, he says that he moved the machine back against the wall with the forklift because it was sticking out and was a safety hazard, CNN notes.

There is a bright side[3] to every story. Even though McKevitt was fired and denied unemployment benefits, the Polaris warehouse that he previously worked at now has brand new vending machines.

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