GOOG: Get Ready for More Google Chromecast Apps

by Christopher Freeburn | February 4, 2014 10:32 am

google chromecast[1]On Monday, Google (GOOG[2]) broadly released its Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK), which will allow app developers to create more apps for its new Chromecast TV dongle[3].

Selected app developers — mostly media companies — have had access to the Chromecast development kit for some time. Now that the Chromecast kit is available to all app developers, GOOG is hoping to build a library of apps to expand the functionality of the device and increase consumer interest in the dongle, which allows users to stream content wirelessly to their TVs, CNET notes.

GOOG has already obtained apps from Netflix (NFLX[4]) and Pandora (P[5]) for the Chromecast. But a greater library of apps is necessary to help the Chromecast compete with other media streaming devices, including the Roku and Apple’s (AAPL[6]) Apple TV.

Apps for the GOOG Chromecast will downloadable from various apps stores. GOOG hopes to feature apps that allow smartphone and tablet users to interact with the Chromecast. A GOOG executive said that gaming apps are something GOOG is hoping to prompt new app development.

GOOG stock rose more than 1% in Tuesday morning trading. GOOG stock has gained more than 49% over the past 12 months.

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