Justin Bieber Changes His Name to Bizzle, but It’s Already Taken

by William White | February 13, 2014 10:02 am

Justin Bieber decided to change his name to Bizzle[1] on Instagram, but the name is already taken.

Source: Shots.me[3]

Justin Bieber evidently didn’t do his homework when he decided to change his name. After changing his name to Bizzle, one London-based Rapper that goes by Lethal Bizzle, posted a photo of the name change to Facebook (FB[4]) with the caption “Leeeeeave It Yeah.” Lethal Bizzle’s fans must have felt the same way, because the post got over 13,600 likes, reports Metro.

Other entertainers that have donned the name Bzzzle include a Miami rapper that was shot in 2012 and a Christian rapper from Houston, reports the Huffington Post[5].

Bieber’s name change didn’t last long. The pop star has already changed his name back to Bieber on Instagram, Huffington Post notes.

However, Bieber is still currently going by Bizzle on his Shots of Me[6] account.

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