Now Kraft Says There Is a Polly-O String Cheese Shortage …

by Karl Utermohlen | February 3, 2014 3:48 pm

Kraft (KRFT[1]) has announced a major Polly-O string cheese shortage in the U.S. following the company’s massive October recall[2].

Polly-O String cheese[3]Many people can’t find[4] Polly-O string cheese in their local stores after the company recalled millions of packages following complaints that the cheese was spoiling too quickly. The move comes less than two weeks after Kraft announced a major Velveeta recall[5] due to an undisclosed allergen in Velveeta products.

New York and New Jersey consumers have been affected the most by the shortage with many parents scrambling for Polly-O string cheese. Several parents said that their children do not want a generic string cheese brand because they have a certain sense of loyalty that kids have to the Polly-O brand.

Kraft spokeswoman Joyce Hodel said that the company is unable to disclose any information on the recall process as it’s confidential. There is no indication as to how big the shortage is but Hodel said that most Kraft and Polly-O products will be back in stock in March.

KRFT stock is down over 2% Monday.

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