McDonald’s Fires Employee for Paying for Firefighters’ Meals

by Karl Utermohlen | February 19, 2014 3:02 pm

McDonald’s (MCD[1]) worker Heather Levia lost her job after she paid for the breakfast of several firefighters.

firefighters[2]It’d be insane to assume that McDonald’s fires people for being generous but that’s how some are interpreting what occurred on Olean, New York. 23-year-old Levia saw a group of firefighters come into the McDonald’s she worked in after fighting a fire in freezing temperatures.

The firefighters got 25 breakfast sandwiches and Levia decided to pay the $92 bill[3] as an act of generosity. She also paid the $70 bill for a second department that came in later after she asked her boss if the chain could pay the bill and her boss said no.

Some firefighters complained to Levia’s boss after hearing that she picked up the bill and she was fired the next day. McDonald’s maintains that Levia was fired for swearing and not for her generosity even though she claims she didn’t swear.

The community has been supportive of Levia, already offering her two other jobs.

MCD stock is down 0.2%.

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