Missing Bacon on Burger Prompts McDonald’s Shooting

by Karl Utermohlen | February 11, 2014 2:00 pm

A 29-year-old woman really wanted her McDonald’s (MCD[1]) as she is being held in custody for a McDonald’s shooting through a drive-thru window.

Shaneka Monique Torres was upset when McDonald’s workers in Michigan got her order wrong the first time but she let her gun do the talking[2] when they got it wrong the second time. Police say that two women were angry when workers got their order wrong Sunday evening but the restaurant offered them a free meal to make up for their mistake.

The women came back Monday morning at 3 a.m. and workers forgot to put Torres’ bacon in her burger this time. Torres responded by pulling out a gun and shooting through the restaurant’s drive-thru window. No one was harmed but the restaurant was evacuated following the McDonald’s shooting.

Police were able to track Torres down because she left her phone number with the chain on Sunday after she was promised a free meal.

MCD stock is up 0.7% Tuesday.

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