What’s Up with Netflix Streaming Speeds on Verizon?

by Karl Utermohlen | February 11, 2014 1:00 pm

Netflix (NFLX[1]) users who have Verizon (VZ[2]) as their Internet service provider (ISP) have been suffering for months now.

Source: Flickr[4]

The amount of complaints[5] over slow Netflix streaming continues to pile up and it looks like Verizon could be doing this on purpose. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filed a lawsuit against Verizon because they were charging a few extra bucks for online streaming services such as Netflix.

Net neutrality says that ISPs can’t charge extra for video streaming services and some claim that Verizon wasn’t happy with this ruling. Verizon allegedly reduced bandwidth for Netflix users just to seek revenge. These claims could be backed up by the fact that Verizon FiOS has dropped from 2.2MBps to 1.82MBps between October and January.

Additionally, Verizon FiOS dropped from sixth to seventh-best in the Netflix USA ISP speed index in January. Verizon DSL dropped from 16th to 17th.

NFLX stock is down 0.23% and VZ stock is down 0.58% in early trading Tuesday.

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