Nissan to Reveal New Titan Pickup in 2015

by William White | February 28, 2014 12:40 pm

Nissan Motors (NSANY[1]) has announced that it will be revealing the first new model[2] of its Titan pickup truck in 12 years.

Nissan-Titan-Pickup-nsany-stock[3]Nissan will unveil the new Titan truck at the International Auto Show in Detroit in 2015. The redesign of the Titan truck is the result of a deal between the Japanese company and Chrysler that would have had the new Titan being based off the Ram falling apart, reports USA Today.

Nissan’s new Titan is going to be designed as a full pickup truck that will have the option of being fitted with either a a gasoline engine or Cummins 5-liter V-8 turbodiesel engine. The manufacturer claims that the new truck will be able to compete in 90% of the light-duty pickup market, USA Today notes.

Fred Diaz, the vice president of Nissan’s North America sale and marketing division, says that the company missed out on the pickup-truck hype in the last few years. Diaz preioulsy worked at Chrysler as the head of the company’s Ram division and says he may have “stepped on a few toes” at Nissan after having strong suggestions about what to do with the truck, Market Watch[4] notes.

NSANY shares were up slightly as of noon Friday.

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