PHOTO: Walmart Debuts Futuristic Tractor Trailer Concept

by Christopher Freeburn | February 19, 2014 12:32 pm

The nation’s largest retailer has developed a high-tech take on the evolution of fuel-efficent tractor-trailers[1].

Source: Walmart[3]

Walmart (WMT[4]) unveiled the sleekly-styled Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) concept tractor-trailer on Monday. The WAVE features lightweight carbon fiber construction, a center driver’s seat enclosed in curved cabin glass and a sliding entry door, Transport Topics notes.

The WAVE is powered by a micro-turbine hybrid power train. Walmart is looking to double the fuel efficiency of its trucks compared to 2005 levels by the end of next year.

Walmart developed the WAVE in partnership with Peterbilt Motors, Capstone Turbine (CPST[5]) and Great Dane Trailer.

The WAVE has been dubbed “Jetson” by Walmart officials, in reference to the 1960’s future-based cartoon series, The Jetsons. Walmart debuted the new tractor-trailer design at a meeting that touted its environmental and sustainability agenda.

Shares of Walmart fell almost 1% in Wednesday morning trading.

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