Taco Bell to Roll Out Mobile Ordering Nationwide

by William White | February 11, 2014 2:10 pm

Yum Brands’ (YUM[1]) Taco Bell is preparing to allow customers to order meals from mobile devices[2].

Source: Flickr[4]

Taco Bell first started working on a mobile ordering app over two years ago, and now it seems it’s ready for use. The app is expected to go live later this year, but Taco Bell will be conducting a few more small test before it does, reports Nation’s Restaurant News.

Taco Bell’s new app will work by allowing mobile customers to customize and pay for their orders via mobile devices. The app also has customers select which store they will be ordering from and allows them to save favorite meals for quicker ordering. The app will use GPS to determine how close the customer is, which will allow the store to start preparing the food so it will be hot for the customer. Customers will have the option of picking up their orders either by drive thru or in the store, Nation’s Restaurant News notes.

“Mobile is a huge opportunity,” Greeg Creed, CEO of Taco Bell, told The Inquisitr[5]. “We’ve developed an amazing breakthrough mobile platform where you can order, pay and have loyalty. It’s a huge growth platform.”

Taco Bell has an app on both Google’s (GOOG[6]) Play Store and Apple’s (AAPL[7]) App Store, but it currently doesn’t[8] allow[9] users to order meals.

YUM stock was up slightly as of Tuesday afternoon.

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