United Airlines Hits Severe Turbulence, 5 Injured

by Christopher Freeburn | February 18, 2014 10:14 am

United Airlines[1]Passengers on United Airlines (UAL[2]) Flight 1676 were left shaken and bruised after the plane hit turbulence[3] on Monday.

The Boeing (BA[4]) 737 jet operated by United Airlines was enroute between Denver and Billings, Mont., when passengers say the plane dropped suddenly as it approached the Billings airport. The United Airlines flight was carrying 114 passengers and a crew of 5, the Associated Press notes.

Passengers on the United Airlines flight said that people were tossed around by the plane’s rapid descent. One witness said a female passenger struck her head on a panel above her seat, cracking the panel.

The United Airlines plane recovered from the drop, declared an emergency and landed safely in Billings. Five people on the plane were taken to area hospitals, though all but one had been released by Monday night.

UAL stock fell more than 1% in Monday morning trading. UAL stock has climbed more than 65% over the last twelve months.

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