LEAKED: The XBox One Media Remote Control Is Coming

by William White | February 13, 2014 11:52 am

A leaked pre-order page for the Xbox One media remote[1] appeared on Amazon’s (AMZN[2]) Canadian website recently.

xbox-one-media-remote-msft-stock[3]The page for Microsoft’s (MSFT[4]) Xbox One media remote didn’t stay up for long, but it did give plenty of details about the device. The pre-order page listed the price of the remote as $22.69. The page also listed the release date for the remote as March 4, reports Engadget.

The Xbox One media remote –pictured to the right– appears to be a slimmed down remote with only the basic options. However, with the added interfaces of the Kinect and Xbox controller, it isn’t likely that there are many more options that the remote would need.

Since the Canadian sighting of the Xbox One media remote, both Amazon UK and Amazon Italy have also leaked the device. The UK pages lists the remote’s price at £19.99 and has a release date of April 4. The Italy page has the same release date and has the remote priced at €22.99, IGN[5] notes.

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