New Alzheimer’s Blood Test May Predict Disease With 90% Accuracy

by William White | March 10, 2014 12:06 pm

A new Alzheimer’s blood test may be able to accurately predict[1] who will develop the disease.


The researchers that developed the Alzheimer’s blood test have been able to predict who will develop the disease with 90% accuracy. The first test for the new blood test were conducted on a group of healthy people over age 70. The blood test works by looking for low lipid levels in people, reports CNN.

The researchers behind the study are wanting to give their Alzheimer’s blood test on a group of individuals in their 40s and 50s. If the test can accurately predict Alzhiemer’s in this age group, then it could open the way for early treatments to the disease, CNN notes.

“Will those disease-modifying therapies show promise if you use them in patients at risk for the disease, before the horse is out of the barn, when they are clinically unaffected?” Dr. Howard Federoff, author of the study, asked WebMD[3]. “Can you delay or perhaps even completely stop the progression to manifestation? I think this opens up a whole new horizon for this type of clinical research.”

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