Bitcoin News: Mt. Gox Finds 200K Missing Bitcoins in Old ‘Wallet’

Failed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox now says that some of the bitcoins it previously claimed had disappeared from its systems were actually there all along.

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What’s the Heck Is Going On With Bitcoin?
What’s the Heck Is Going On With Bitcoin?

In the latest bitcoin news, Mt. Gox filed documents with a bankruptcy court admitting that it has located 200,000 bitcoins that it had formerly declared lost. The missing bitcoins were found in digital “old-form wallets” that Mt. Gox had thought were empty, the BBC notes.

According to the filing, Mt. Gox discovered the missing bitcoins on Mar. 7.  The missing bitcoins were located in a digital wallet that had been used by Mt. Gox prior to June 2011.

The new Mt. Gox bitcoin news lowers the number of bitcoins missing from the bankrupt exchange from a previously-stated 850,000, to 650,000.

Mt. Gox sought bankruptcy protection in February after admitting the loss of more than $400 million in bitcoins, including 750,000 customer bitcoins and 100,000 of its own bitcoins.

In filings, Mt. Gox said that the rediscovered bitcoins have been transferred to offline wallets to protect them from hackers.

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