Europe Says U.S. Can’t Use Its Cheese Names; Parmesan at Risk

by William White | March 12, 2014 12:48 pm

The European Union doesn’t want America using its cheese names[1].

Cheese-names[2]The European union is arguing that cheese in America should only be allowed to use European names if they come from Europe. The argument is that cheese names like Parmesan should only apply to cheese that comes from Parma, Italy and that other cheeses using these name hurts European exports, reports the Associated Press.

If the idea of banning cheese names seems a bit ridiculous, know that it’s already in place in Canada and Central America. Under an agreement between these areas and Europe, certain cheese names can’t be used and products must instead label them as “like” the European cheese, the Associated Press notes.

“You can get sparkling wine from anywhere else in the world, but if it’s ‘Champagne’ it only comes from France,” Aaron Task,  Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief, told Yahoo[3]. “This is an extension of that.”

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