Chipotle Secret Menu: The Quesarito, Burritodilla and More

by Karl Utermohlen | March 25, 2014 2:54 pm

Chipotle (CMG[1]) has many delicious offerings on its menu but have you heard of the Chipotle Secret Menu?

Chipotle Secret Menu[2]Those who know the names of the restaurant’s secret items[3] can order delicious burritos and quesadillas that are not on the menu. From a quesadilla burrito to a quesadilla burrito, check out five of the best Chipotle Secret Menu items.

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Chipotle Secret Menu – Quesadilla

Chipotle Secret Menu[5]
Source: HackTheMenu[6]

The Chipotle Quesadilla is the best-known item from the chain’s secret menu but it’s still amazing.

A standard item in any Mexican restaurant, the quesadilla consists of soft tortilla shells with melted cheese inside. However, the Chipotle Quesadilla allows you to ask for any of the regular burrito fillings from the regular menu.

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Chipotle Secret Menu – Quesarito

Chipotle Secret Menu[7]
Source: HackTheMenu[8]

The Quesarito is considered by many to be the greatest item on the chain’s secret menu.

This massive burrito uses cheese quesadillas as the shell of the burrito, giving it a cheesier flavor. The Quesarito uses an extravagant amount of cheese that works perfectly well with your favorite chicken, beef or steak burrito.

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Chipotle Secret Menu – Burritodilla

Chipotle Secret Menu[9]
Source: HackTheMenu[10]

The Burritodilla is the Quesarito’s little brother.

Unlike the Quesarito which is a quesadilla burrito, the Burritodilla is a burrito quesadilla. This item is lighter than its burrito counterpart which is essentially a quesadilla with half the fillings of a regular burrito.

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Chipotle Secret Menu – Taco Salad

Chipotle Secret Menu[11]
Source: HackTheMenu[12]

The Chipotle Taco Salad is one of the rarest items on the restaurant’s secret menu.

This item may not be available at every Chipotle location as many locations don’t seem to offer it. The Taco Salad uses an extra fried tortilla bowl for your salad and it applies to any salad on the Chipotle menu.

However, if your location doesn’t have the Taco Salad, you can always order Nachos with plenty of toppings. Read about Chipotle Nachos on the next page.

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Chipotle Secret Menu – Nachos

Chipotle Secret Menu[13]
Source: HackTheMenu[14]

Nachos are a staple in any Mexican restaurant, but Chipotle Nachos are something special.

This secret item isn’t advertised but the restaurant is more than happy to serve you a bowl of beans, cheese, meat, vegetables, sour cream, salsa and more. With nachos under these delicious toppings, you can have an incredible meal for under $7.

Some places also offer a secret sauce called ambrosia which is a combination of sour cream and hot salsa that go really well with nachos.

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